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      How do I order rand How long does it take for my order to be shipped?
      Ordering from Betta Squad is as easy as shopping for Clothes online. The pictures represent the actual betta you are purchasing. All you have to do when you see the fish that you cannot live without is clicking the “Add to Cart” button and proceed to check out. 
      All orders will be shipped between 1-3 business days after clear payment is received
      What shipping methods are available?
      Betta Squad offers USPS priority 2 -3 days for live betta fish with tracking number
      For orders of accessories such as premium betta pellets, betta scoop, and other items, we offer USPS First Class for 3-5 business days with tracking number
      How do I track my order?
      We will notify you with tracking number once your order is shipped. You can simply follow the link to check your order status with USPS
      What is your Deal On Arrival (DOA) policy?
      In the event of DOA, clear photos and/or video of the dead fish in its original and unopened bag must be sent to us no later than ONE HOUR after delivery. We will issue full refund of the fish cost exclude shipping and handling expenses.
      If for some reason, customers submit their dead fish’s photos later than ONE HOUR after delivery, We will deduct $10 off the refund amount. For example, if your dead fish cost $30 we will refund you $20. If photo/video of dead fish is submitted MORE THAN THREE HOURS after delivery, customer(s) will not be eligible for refund.
      Shipping expenses are non-refundable Please keep in mind that your box contains live animal and must be accepted upon arrival.
      Sometimes, they will put your box in the mailbox or front porch without letting you know. Please check tracking number to make sure you are updated on the status of your shipment. Also, checking with your regular mailman will save you from the hassle.
      Tail Nipping during transit is known in halfmoon betta fish. It is something that we can not control, therefore we cannot hold responsibility for tail nipping.
      We can only hold responsibility for first delivery attempt. If you were not available on first delivery attempt from USPS and your fish came DOA on the next day, we cannot issue any refund or replacement! 
      Please check tracking number and assign someone at home for delivery date!
      You will have UP TO 48 HOURS to decide your replacement betta or a refund of your DOA fish costs. If we do not hear from you after 48 hours, we will issue refund of what your DOA fish costs.
      If your replacement betta arrive DOA, we will have to refund you the fish cost and and close the transaction. 
      Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?
      As of right now, we DO NOT ship to Alaska and Hawaii. We apologize for the inconvenience 
      We can only ship to lower 48 states of Unites States (US)
      If the weather is unfavorable for shipping (i.e below 35*F or above 110*F), we reserve the right to cancel your order or hold the fish until it is safe to ship again. There will be no additional cost for holding your order in this circumstance.