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       The origin of  Betta Squad USA is a story of Vietnamese entrepreneurship, rooted in Houston, Texas.

          It all began in 1997, the Squad’s founder – Martias Pham was first introduced to a little purple fish that his father brought home from a trip to Trader Village in Bien Hoa, Vietnam. He immediately fell in love with that little fish. With all the curiosity of a 6 years old kid, he spent most of his day watching and taking care of the fish as his own child. After a few days, he had learned that his new little buddy was a traditional plakat fighter (Also called 5* plakats by professional plakat fighter breeders/players).

          Soon after, his father brought home another green plakat and the little boy once again fell in love. His passion started to grow a little day after day and by the age of  8, he attempted to breed betta fish for the first time of his life. With the help of his father, he had succeeded in breeding the first batch of traditional plakat fighters.

          Breeding tanks after breeding tanks, the little boy childhood was completely surrounded by betta fish and by the time he was 12 years old he had so many fish that he started to giveaway to friends and family members.

          In late February 2007, his family departed Vietnam to USA and the first thing he asked his “Vietnamese-American cousin”, Jackie was to take him to a fish store so he could buy a pair of betta fish.

      He brought home one green and one red delta tail betta. He had to move in to his beloved cousin, Autumn Nelson (who is a lawyer) for school in Hudson, Wisconsin . Life couldn’t be more tough for a 15 year-old boy to live a apart from his parents in a completely new country. Autumn and her husband, John taught Khang English, and took care of him as he was their own child. He still had the two bettas He brought with him from Milwaukee to keep him company during this rough time.

          July 2007, He moved to Houston, Texas and things really kicked off. He spent most of his money from a part time job buying bettas from Petco and started his breeding program once again!

          2016 was a remarkable year for the young betta fish hobbyist. He started making connection with overseas farms and imported premium quality bettas for his breeding program and soon enough, he was sitting on so many betta fish that he could not keep at home. He started to list them up for sale on Facebook and with the support of his value customers, he was able to break even in this hobby and make a little extra money to set aside. Until now, he still imports and breeds premium quality to serve his customers.

      With the help of his parents, he was able to work and take care of the bettas at the same time. To be honest, his parents enjoy watching the fish, too.

          He wishes to bring betta fish closer to everyone. This is not an easy task but he is determined to walk this path and is willing to face challenges to make his dream come true.  Of course, he cannot do this without the support of his value customers.

          Betta Squad USA  team appreciates value customers. Because, of you all, we are able to come this far and this is just the beginning of a long journey. Please support us on this journey because WITHOUT YOU ALL, WE ARE NOTHING!